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Trixie Natural Food Premium

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Chinchilla Nature is a complete food adapted to the nutritional needs of chinchillas. This mixture premium of natural components contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your pet needs to lead a healthy life and full of vitality.

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Crispy Pellets Ferrets / ferrets is a granulated food full, tasty and balanced for ferrets. With a high content of protein and animal fat, salmon and delicious chicken... I Supercárnico! It is a formula all-in-one that helps to eliminate selective feeding.

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Chinchilla & Degu Crispy pellets is a food professional for chinchillas and degus that incorporates all the nutrients needed for their proper development and to make your chinchillas or your degus are healthy and with all the necessary vitality.

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Daily nutrition is rich in fiber for rabbits adults. Pesticide-free. Frabricado with timothy hay sun-cured for a healthy digestion.

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