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Enhancer of zeal and singingExtract of nettle, oregano, thyme tehobroma cocoa and vitaminsImproved health increases the zeal, the power and the quality of the song in the goldfinches, siskins,greenfinches and other birds of cage

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Avizoon Natur Vita 100 ml, (high-quality multivitamin). For birds

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Fort Cant Canariz 50 ml is a estimuladior of the song and strengthener of the bird

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Food supplement for päjaros that provides parents with all the vitamins they need in the period of breeding

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FORTEPAC-BD3+AND I Think Complementary

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FORTEPAC TO D3 And is a supplement vitamin that is administered in the drinking water.

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mixture premifood special song

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Anima Strath is a nutritional Supplement 100% natural for all species (birds, hamsters, fish, rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs). 250ml.

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Stimulant of the song reinforced with vitamin E. Recommended in the preparation of the birds before the contests. 150ML

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The Encelador Legazín is a completely natural product, made with nettle extract and vitamin E. Its regular use stimulates the zeal and playback in all types of birds, at the same time that it promotes the song and paste it in the male goldfinches, greenfinches, canaries, siskins and other wild birds. Being a natural product there are no contraindications.

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Manitoba Gold Finch Urtica 120 gr (Nettle Extract with ginseng). Suitable for all bird species, in particular for the european fauna and indigenous (goldfinches, finches)

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Antiesteril is indicated to improve fertility, to improve the hatching and reduce neonatal mortality. - See more at:

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Tabernil To D3 And is a supplement vitamin that is administered in the drinking water.

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Tabernil Canto 20ml Solution for managing the water in the drink, intended to stimulate the start and development of the singing

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Oropharma Ferti-Vit is a well-balanced mix of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, enriched with vitamin E. To be used during the preparation to the breeding season, for the singing of canaries and finches and in case of problems in egg-laying and fertility, or in cases of death in the egg. Ferti-Vit stimulates sexual motivation and fertility

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VITALIAN AD3E 20 ML Disorders of reproduction that cause deficiencies of vit.A,D3,E. Increases the zeal in males and fertility in females.

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