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Laboratories Calier launches PROMOTOR-L 47. It is a food supplement for poultry, which is given orally in the drinking water in order to facilitate the product is taken by birds.

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Promoter 43 Vitamins and amino acids in powder, soluble in water can be incorporated into the pasta de cria. Indicated for the prevention and treatment of imbalances and nutritional deficiencies in periods of stress.

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Vitamins TT liquid Stimulating productions . enabler of the Growth . Deficiency STATES of Vitamins

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VITAMINS TT + ELECTROLYTES oral powder soluble in water is ideal to treat the lack of vitamins and periods of convalescence in birds (canaries, parakeets, finches, chickens, partridges, etç....). Its composition is high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

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Proflora avis is a probiotic powder that develops, stimulates and enriches the intestinal flora of birds.

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A supplement to the diet of Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis DSM 17938. Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis is a lactobacillus (a bacterium living) that lives naturally in the body as part of your intestinal flora.

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B COMPLEX Vitamins vitamins in oral solution Lab INDUSTRIAL VETERINARIA, S. A . - INVESA pharmaceutical Form: oral Solution (Sol.or.) Composition: per ml: Sodium pantothenate 30 mg; cyanocobalamin 2.5 mg; nicotinamide 50 mg; pyridoxine 5 mg; riboflavin 10 mg; thiamin 10 mg; biotin 20 mg

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PROMOTOR L 47 Amino acids and vitamins in oral solution Lab CALIER

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