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BETAMINOR PINETA is a complementary food with betaine, vitamin C, vitamin PP and pantothenic acid.

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KARNYTHIN is essential for a form of muscular perfect.

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CASEIN PINETA is a protein concentrate of high quality to increase the content of proteins in the diet. Casein pineta is indicated in the preparation of the broodstock, breeding and molt in specimens of large size. Casein pineta encourages a greater growth of chicks.

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Sily Pro is a protective and detoxifying the liver. Fact milk thistle.

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Nettle powder 100% pure, certified pharmaceutical (free of contaminants)

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Oregano, thyme and rosehips for the immune system  

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Milk enzymes of action of probiotic and fructooligosaccharides for prebiotic action for the balance of the intestinal flora -

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Pullmothyl For the respiratory apparatus with propolis, echinacea, and plant extracts -

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White Pasta wet with milk thistle . 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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Acidifier for drinking water for birds cage and aviary. Acidification of the drinking water contributes to improve the general state of the entire digestive tract and, in particular, helps to maintain the optimal conditions in the intestine, improving the assimilation of food.

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Antidiarrheal natural flour-based. Natural stop contains products of vegetable origin, sugar, minerals, vitamins, trace elements.. Natural stop is indicated in the case of a diet that is not balanced, it improves digestion and assimilation, keeps tissues and mucous membranes healthy.

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Oil Fish is a tonic natural base of cod liver oil emulsified with a high biological value enriched with vitamins and growth factors

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Pasta Yellow wet with milk thistle and egg. 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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With berries, wild plants and herbs to spinus and other insectivoros.

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White Pasta Specifically designed for birds in which we will try to have the wings white as possible.It is a white pasta, morbid, especially for all kind birds without dyes Contains honey. Without egg. Ideal for the moult. Not da dore Contains a 13,10% protein and 12.50% of fat.

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Our Pasta contains substances of natural origin and/or vegetable that help to improves the state of intestinal health. The proper functioning of the intestines is of fundamental importance for the proper development of the birds.

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Indicated in cases of cannibalism. Antipica is suitable for tido of birds. Contains products of vegetable origin, minerals, cereals, essential amino acids.

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Shampoo that leaves the fur silky and velvety and enhances the normal color. Pot of 500ml.

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On the basis of berries and wild herbs, improve naturally the coloration of the edges.

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Suitable for Canaries Factor Yellow brings out the color and gives Shine.

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Indicated for Canary Factor Red brings out the color and gives shine.

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Disinfects and perfumes the environment, eliminates parasites and ectoparasites, based on essential oils.

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Pasta For two species of siskins, goldfinches,Finches, and birds of the fieldCardellini Food. It is a white pasta, morbid, especially for all kind birds without dyes contains honey. Without egg. Ideal for the moult. Not da dore

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Antiesteril is indicated to improve fertility, to improve the hatching and reduce neonatal mortality. - See more at:

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Lievitor acts as Prebiotico favorecindo the growth of the chicks and regulator of intestinal flora

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Polivitamínico with amino acids and minerals ready-to-use. Free dispensardor tab for bird is included in the package.

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For a quick and balanced growth of the chicks, which is useful in the case of the imbalances of the flora bacteria in the bowel. It is easily digestible, has no contraindications, is rapidly effective and safe, contributing with success to combat bacteria and fungi.

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White Pasta wet with milk thistle . 20% Protein, 16% Fat.

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