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Fertibol Bird is a suspension-based calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and E necessary for the eggs to be larger and to have a perfect structure for the hatching. Ideal for a solid constitution and development of the skeleton of young birds.

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KNÖTERICHPULVER Pigments for the parties corneas

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The bath salt to Eat is the product for the ideal care of the feathers of their pigeons.

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Use in case of deficiency of vitamin A Dosage: One teaspoon of coffee(5gr) per kg of food

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Roni was developed to keep a good state of the membranes mucosasdel peak, the throat and the digestive system. Among other things, by the application of a mucous film of carbohydrates special.

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Cometaves of birds is a special product that contains all the elements necessary to bring exotic birds and birds of cultivation in optimal shape and to keep them that way.

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The birds sometimes have problems of legs squamous. They are bad and, at times reflected both the legs to get it from the scales.

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Murol Eat is a refined oil, flavoured to help the metabolism during the molting process. Ideal to combine with Murium Murol can be used all year round to always have a bright plumage.

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Murium Bird is a preparation for the change of the canaries, exotic and Psitácidas. Promotes the growth of feathers thanks to its vitamins and their specific nutritional substances.Prevents the...

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Transcutine is applied to the legs of the dove. The legs get a beautiful reddish color due to absorption of the components assets is very powerful, leading to the dove an optimal way and cause an abundant yield of powder from the feathers.MODE OF EMPLOYMENT:2 times a week. During the season of competitions the gel is applied before the enceste and after...

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Curol Eat, the oil of healing, it is a oil of health composition, an antiseptic that helps the immune system of the birds. Aromatics that actively work to prevent disease. Curol Eat is a treatment recommended for the preparation of the breeding and in the time of exhibitions by the stress.

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Eat Exibi, a product specifically designed to prepare the birds for the contests. INDICATIONS:- Has anti-stress, which is usually one of the most important problems in the contests- Strengthens the natural defenses of the body, reducing the risk of spread of infection

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Eat Megabactol 250 ml. Essential oils. Megabactol Bird contains essential oils with stimulating properties and purifying.

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Avicur Bird is a cure for the health-based plant extracts that maintains the equilibrium of the immune system of the birds. It is essential for the shape of the birds at the beginning of the championships and in the case of a drop of form, or after an illness.

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Fertibol Bird is a suspension-based calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and E necessary for the eggs to be larger and to have a perfect structure for the hatching. 150ml.

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The oil for the breeding replaces Megabactol Bird during the period of breeding. 250ml.

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Eat Winmix, to keep birds healthy, active, vigorous, and in full form throughout the year

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Megabactin Bird is a protective intestinal anti-droppings fluids. Maintains intestinal balance of a bird, by regulating the intestinal transit.

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Enercom puts the muscles in perfect condition before the flight.

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Food supplement for päjaros that provides parents with all the vitamins they need in the period of breeding

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Roni Eat 40 grams a specialist in protecting the mucosal surfaces of birds

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