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Deli Nature Agapornis Champion is a mixture that covers the specific nutritional requirements of the agaporni and other small parrots, with the guarantee and prestige of Beyers.

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Breed+ are amino acids, minerals and vitamins. With a high content of vitamin E extra (2500 mg) !! Breed+ stimulates fertility ¡¡

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10% calcium, with Vitamin D3 extra. Food supplement for birds for a healthy diet.   Carton 500grs.

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Birdseeds Extra 91% | Graines de Lin 3% | Niger 3% | Cañamon 3%

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Seed of avena pelada selected for use ornithological.

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Mixture of high quality inidicada for canaries of color, not to produce dore.

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Vitamino+ are essential amino acids . These amino acids are needed for the bird cage. !! Do not dissolve in the drinking water ¡¡     Container 250.

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Seed germination varied and enriched for large parakeets and parrots with a germination capacity of perfect. High nutritional value, with peas and lentils.

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Mixture intended to cover food needs, specific to all types of native birds [linnet, sizerín, siskin]

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Specific mix designed to meet the needs of the finches, common and small north.

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Mix basic and general for all types of Parrots with peanuts and whole and peeled.

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Mixture, a market leader

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Mix without sunflower seeds. (back red, bonnet blue,..). The ideal blend for breeding. Very suitable for cockatoo (cacatúarosa,cacatúainca,..) we tend to accumulate fat quickly.

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Mixture of high quality for birds tropical/exotic with a high content of panicum yellow, well tolerated by all the tropical birds. ¡¡¡Mixture of first quality recommended by criadores of the first class!!!

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Mixture of canaries balanced for both canaries posturacomo for canaries of color.

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Birdseed of great quality!!!! It is a fundamental component in most of the mixtures for birds.

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It is a mixture of very varied with a high proportion of grass tuft and white knob . This mixture is suitable for all types of siskins americans as the siskin Wally, the siskin mexican, the siskin, black, red ... For lúganos is recommended as an adjunct to this mixture with 10% to 15% of the seeds of the niger.

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Mixture enriched with a high content of various types of fruit[pineapple,papaya,raisins,..] Mix with a 24% sunflower, ideal for almost all types of parrots. Mixture very rich with more than 25 ingredients.

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It is a mixture of canary high quality and without rapeseed . Ideal for the larger species of canaries, type and also to the inhabitants of the islands of color where you want no yellow coloration.

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It is a blend of ideal for finches and goldfinches with a high percentage ofseeds of the grass and wild seeds .

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Mixture of first-class especially created to meet the needs of the exotic, with a high content of canary seed EXTRA (30%), various types demijo silver, white, millet yellow and red. ¡¡¡Mixture of primera quality!!

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Deli Nature 36 - parakeets extra Cardi is a mixture of base nourishing - enriched with cardi for small species of parrots such as Forpus, Catharina .

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Mixes thick with a 40% depipas of sunflower, nuts, cedar, pieces of walnut, raisins.Ideal for parrots who must have unaalimentación stronger, such as the macaw, elloro eclectus, parakeets golden, the black cockatoos. Great variation with more than 20 ingredients.

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AMAZON PARK SERENGETI is a mixture ideal for all types of species of parrots african. Sunflower seeds black, Brazil nuts and walnuts are perfectly suited to these species

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It is a balanced mix for a species of Amazons and Pionus. The mixture is very rich in fruit (9% including papaya, pineapple and raisins) because these species like to eat fruit in its natural habitat. The mixture is enriched with the grain of the bird and the pellets extruded to obtain vitamins, amino acids and trace elements additional.

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Specific mix designed to meet the needs of the eurasian bullfinch picogruesos and piquituertos.

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Seed hemp seed small, rich in protein. Helps to stimulate and appetite of birds.

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