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Harrison's Fine High-Energy (High Potency Fine) is indicated for birds of medium size as nymphs or carolinas, lovebirds, doves, pigeons, parrot necklace, parrot, black-headed, parrot kramer, head of plum, gray-breasted, aratingas, etc

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Candy Green Harrison Power Treats) is the best way to give a prize healthy and rich in nutrients.Beneficial to birds with flaky skin (beak and legs), loss of brightness and/or color of the feathers or of advanced age.High content in antioxidants (vitamin E and coenzyme Q10) and carotenoids (vitamin A precursors).Good balance of essential fatty acids.

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PORRIDGE MEONATAL HARRISON. The chicks of a bird newborns are extremely delicate. A proper diet is crucial in order to ensure good success in your breeding and subsequent development. The slurry Harrison Neonatal covers the nutritional needs of these chicks, increasing the chances of survival.

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Oxbow Intensive Care Fine is a food recovery high-quality to be mixed with water. Can be administered with a syringe or probe to herbivores that are unwilling or unable to eat their normal diet due to illness, recent surgery or by a poor nutritional state.

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Harrison's fine High-Energy (High Potency Superfine) is indicated for small birds such as canaries, parakeets, forpus, goldfinches, greenfinches, cardinals, diamonds, widows, nightingales (combined with diet for omnivores), eurasian bullfinch, etc.

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Harrison High Energy Taco Thick (High Potency Coarse) is indicated for birds of large size as the grey parrot, cockatoos, macaws, pionus, eclectus, amazon, you, you, patagonian burrowing...

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I THINK HARRISON COARSE-GRAINED, HIGH-ENERGY The best I think of the market, feed Harrison's High-Energy coarse-grained is a feed of high nutritional quality suitable for birds of medium to large size, as yacos, cockatoos, eclectus, macaws, etc

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Feed supplement for birds, small reptiles and small rodents in the united convalescents and the sick.

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