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Shampoo CAT SHINE QUICK NO-RINSE 250ML Revitalizes you hair is dry. pH adapted.With silk proteins. Special volume and brightness

5,20 €
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Collar Adjustable Nylon Basic

1,84 €
Product available with different options 1.84
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Collar Greyhound Leather Superfelt Composition: Leather, Metal and Polyester Pespunto thread to the hue of the lining.

11,29 €
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Collar Greyhound Leather Superfelt Lining Superfielt Top-stitching thread to the hue of the lining

11,65 €
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Flexi New Classic Cord

20,96 €
Product available with different options 20.96
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Strap Multiposicion Oiled Leather

24,06 €
Out of stock 24.06
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Belt Multi-Position Leather Chrome

22,85 €
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Strap Multiposicion Nylon Basic

7,51 €
Out of stock 7.51
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Strap Nylon Round

8,30 €
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Strap Nylon Round 16mm

13,13 €
Product available with different options 13.13
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Strap Nylon Round Style

5,88 €
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Strap Non-Slip Sport-K 1.2 M

6,88 €
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Harness Nylon Basic

3,62 €
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Card Professional Gel Line Pleasant to the touch, ergonomic. It allows for a greater precision.

5,72 €
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Aid Toy Ball This toy helps to burn the excess enrgías and stimulates you mentally through their natural instincts.You will have as well a pet is happier with a lower risk d e develop behavioral problems originate from fear,aggression or boredom.

4,99 €
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Shampoo no-rinse. Ideal for washes fast and/or between washes conventional. Action deodorant. Ph adapted. Content: 250 ml.

4,89 €
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Harness nylon padded, very comfortable. Measures adjustable headgear: Neck: 36-60 cm Body: 48-86 cm Nylon strap smooth, with universal device. Not suitable for Volvo. Measures strap Width: 2 cm Usage: 43-70 cm approx Weight: 365 grams

12,00 €
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Latex boots for dog of high quality. Size 5 Suitable for bichón maltese, toy poodle, pugs, lhasa apso, pekingese, pomeranian, mini schnauzer, shi tzu, dachshund, westie and yorkshite terrier.

13,60 €
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Palmar Logistica sl

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Palmar Logistica sl
Plaza Salinas 1 Mascaraque, Toledo 45430