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Manitoba Albume 600 gr, (pure Protein of egg is 78%). Food supplement based on egg-white - Based compound of Albumin (egg white) powder of high protein value.- It also contains mineral salts (magnesium, sodium and potassium) and carbohydrates.- It increases the protein content in birds up to 5%.- Prevents the occurrence of the effect "Doré"

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Manitoba E-Stop 150 gr (Excellent prebiotic 100% natural). Substances prebiotics are particularly active at the intestinal level.

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Manitoba Cox Kill 200 gr (preventive natural against Coccidiosis) INDICATIONS:- Preventive 100% natural against coccidiosis.- Complementary food, produced to base of vegetable extracts, natural families (Asteraceae, Rosaceae, Fabáceas).- Increases the resistance to the invasion of the enteritos and all the species of coccidios known............

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Manitoba Gold Finch Urtica 120 gr (Nettle Extract with ginseng). Suitable for all bird species, in particular for the european fauna and indigenous (goldfinches, finches)

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Mxt. Canaries T5 (Manitoba) Description: Mix professional quality extra special for Canaries , rich in seed fats. Formula balanced recommended throughout the year. Composition: Canary seed, bold, white knob, flaxseed, canola, red, canola black, and hemp seed.

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Complete blend of superior quality for birds motif. Mixture special for eurasian bullfinch and verdones composed by a great variety of seeds. Ensures the health and well being of your birds. Composition: milk Thistle, pipe, sunflower oil, rosehip seed oil, oat...

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Mxt. Goldfinches Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) Description: Mix professional quality extra, special for Goldfinches Greater , formula balanced recommended throughout the year.

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T3 Manitoba Platinum is a professional mix of extra quality, Special for Canarios composed by seeds of canary seed,perilla, bold, flaxseed and hemp seed. Formula balanced recommended throughout the year.

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Birdseed Canada Manitoba 5 kg, it is a birdseed of very high quality thanks to its selection process of seeds

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Paste cra dried yellow Th World, in a practical container of 4 kg

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Mixture especially for canaries, with knob, Manitoba T3 Platinum of Manitoba

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Lettuce white Manitoba Extra 1 kg, purifying to the blood, very nutritious, fairly easy to digest, non-fat and refreshing

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Pate Insect Manitoba 400 grams of Pasta morbid for birds insectivoros

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Wet paste of MAnitoba for all kinds of birds, rich in egg and honey.

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Silysan 60 is a food supplement for poultry, which contains purified extract of milk thistle, and other substances with a high activity of detoxifying, such as yeast, vitamins and amino acids that help the proper functioning of the liver of our birds. Its use is indicated for diseases and disorders of the liver, or to its prevention.

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Food supplement for birds and is rich in amino acids and rich in protein.

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Complementary food for birds indicated in periods of stress, such as molting, change of cage, transport etc

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The seed of opium poppy or blue poppy, provides a calming effect on birds nerve or exposed to sitrauciones of stress, such as exhibitions.

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Mixture special for goldfinch cardueldi (european, siberian, himalayan etc)

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Mxt. Goldfinches Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) + Description: Mix professional quality extra, special for Goldfinches Greater , formula balanced recommended throughout the year.

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Complementary food for birds factor red contains Canthaxanthin and beta-Carotene, the content-to-moderate beta-Carotene manages to balance the tone getting a fine Carmine Red.

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