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Pills fortifiers very beneficial for the organism in pigeons, pigeons and breeding pigeons in the season of flight.

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Rohnfried RO 125 pills, a spectacular product essential for a full recovery after the contests and keep the pigeons in good health and in full form. Without a doubt, is one of the most comprehensive and effective that today, you can find in the market.

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Avipharm of Röhnfried combines electrolytes with glucose and a concentrate of vitamins, especially designed for pigeon competition.

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Preventive against diseases of the respiratory

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Elektrolyt 3 Plus Rohnfried is an excellent combination of electrolytes specifically designed for pigeons of high competition.

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Ready especially designed to promote the function of the liver and kidneys as well as to detoxify the blood.

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Moorgold, a 100% natural product that improves digestion and strengthens the intestinal flora. To Pigeons. Formula improved

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Rohnfried Badesalz 800 gr (bath salts). For Pigeons and Birds

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Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ml (preventive 100% natural against salmonellosis). Pigeons and Birds

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Rohnfried UsneGano 500ml (Preventivo 100% natural, against trichomoniasis and coccidios). For Pigeons and birds

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New Lecker-Stein of Rohnfried, (10+2 free), 6 kg of stone chipping enriched with iodine and magnesium. For pigeons The stone chop Rohnfried Lecker-Stein is a source of minerals essential for the pigeons and indispensable at all times of the year.

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INDICATIONS: - Disinfect attic air. - Cleans and clears the airways. - Prevents respiratory problems - It is recommended to use during the breeding, moulting and racing season. - It is especially effective during the moult, because, at this time, the environment of the lofts usually heavily loaded.

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NEW Pills Taubengluck, with new improved formulation to ensure a full recovery after the flights.

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Rohnfried Kukengluck, a 100% natural product that reduces mortality in the nest. For pigeons and birds

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Rohnfried Blitz Maxi-Kraft, (pills for energy that increase endurance). For Pigeons racing

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Rohnfried Energie Oil is a blend of 7 natural oils enriched with lecithin, the source of energy 100% natural for pigeons racing.

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Rohnfried Amo-Des, a disinfectant of the latest generation, which eliminates the palomar or aviaría all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi

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Rohnfried Edf-Pick 200 ml, (prevents the pigeons from picoteen feathers)

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Rohnfried Mumm, a combo perfectly balanced for electrolytes, glucose and vitamins that provides extra energy for the flights. For pigeons racing

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K+K Eiweip 100 pills of Röhnfried is a compound based of animal proteins for easy digestion. INDICATIONS:- Extracted egg-white.- Stimulates the exchange of oxygen between cells, thus allowing a much quicker recovery to the pigeons fatigued p............

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New Rohnfried Pavifac 800 gr (brewer's yeast enriched with citric acid, and bee pollen; source of energy 100% natural

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Carni-Speed 500 mlCarnitine; protective muscle

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K+K Protein 3000 is a concentrate of animal protein and vegetable special for pigeons.

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Rohnfried Avidress Plus 5 liters, (preventive 100% natural against salmonellosis). Pigeons and Birds

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Food supplement for pigeons and aeves

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Vitamin E + Avianvet is a multivitamin-mineral that contains a combination of vitamin E and selenium are particularly suitable for the period of playback. In addition Vitamin E + Avianvet is enriched with vitamin A, to achieve better results of fertility.

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