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VITALIAN ARTRI-PLUS - C 30 COMP. Indicated for convalescence with joint dysfunction and trauma.

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VITALIAN RACE 30 COMP Suitable for the recovery and preparation for the competition. Reduction of the acid formation lactic acid and muscle injuries.

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VITALIAN VIT. AND AA. PIGEONS .Favors the formation of the boom during molting, the development of the pigeon and the recovery after the competition.

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VITALIAN DIARSTOP 30 COMP Natural product of plants , indicated to improve symptoms caused by disorders digestive (diarrhea).

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VITALIAN RETRIEVER 30 COMP Regulates muscular effort, prevents muscle injuries(evil wing),dismi- nuye the formation of lactic acid and gives a supply of energy.

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VITALIAN SHAMPOO PIGEON BIOTIN 250ML Promotes the hygiene of the feathers and helps to keep them united.

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VITALIAN AD3E 20 ML Disorders of reproduction that cause deficiencies of vit.A,D3,E. Increases the zeal in males and fertility in females.

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VITALIAN MOVES 20 ML Supports and shortens the molting process

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VITALIAN NEOCOX 20 ML Natural product of plants, indicated for the prevention of the coccidiosis in birds.

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VITALIAN VITA B COMPLEX 20 ML Recovery processes after long treatments with antibiotics. Lack of vit. B.

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Promotes vitality, growth, fertility, eyesight, feathers, sterility and molt of the birds.

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