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Antiparasitic external liquid insecticide and acaricide for canaries, budgies, exotics, etc

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Product environmental use, do not apply in the presence of animals. Spray insecticide scented for the treatment of infestations of external parasites in all types of birds cage (canaries, finches, parakeets, parrots). Indicated for eliminating and preventing the piojillos, aphids and garrapatillas

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MENFORSAN Spray antimordeduras for dogs with effect bitter to be sprayed on furniture or areas where we want to avoid the bites of the dog will move away due to the effect amargante of its composition. It is also advisable to use with dogs that produce granulomas by licking or patches,

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Natural shampoo for the plumage of all types of birds. Contains natural glycerin that brightens and cleanses the plumage leaving it clean , soft and repaired.

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Cleaner higienizane of environmental use for the cages of all the birds. format 1 lto tape with applicator gun

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Shampoo of excellent quality for our furry friends

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Shampoo excellent for nuestors dogs of white hair

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Shampoo excellent with high power of hydration for the hair of our dogs

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Shampoo suitable for dogs with very dry skin or irritated skin High content in oat natural to provide smoothness and comfort after your bath

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Shampoo especially suitable for the delicate skin of puppies, with wheat germ natural

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Shampoo Menforsan the ärbol of tea, for dogs with sensitive skin and itching, frequent

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MenForSan Detangling Conditioner is a special product suitable for undo knots and tangles in the fur mistreated pets. Your effect conditions the hair and facilitates their hairstyle, suavizándolo and providing an exquisite fragrance that lasts. With a neutral pH respects the skin of the pet.

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Shampoo of excellent quality for our furry friends

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Insecticide perfumed hydro alcoholic of low toxicity and rapid evaporation for external use. Eliminates and prevents in the environment of dogs all type of insects: fleas, ticks, lice, mites and mosquitoes. Does not stain or alter the color in treated surfaces.

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