• High-grade proteins highly absorbable
  • Pigeons thicken quickly again
  • Long-term effects, without clipping
  • Combination of amino acids

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Proteins, amino acids of the carrier pigeons

ProteinStar is a rapid absorption of amino acids of high quality, rich in protein, such as DL methionine and lysine. This product contributes to a quick recovery during the racing, perfect down for the molt and the growth optimal during playback.

Period Racing : Prior to the training flights, starting 3 weeks before the training, daily (10 g / kg pigeon feed) and then from the day of the return until the pigeons have thickened again to. The muscles to regenerate more quickly thereby avoiding a clear decline in performance from the fifth-seventh races.

Breeding period : the optimal care of the milk of the parents / culture for the breeding of pigeons, as pigeons are only optimally fed guarantee better performances in the next season of racing. Start during brooding until after the weaning of the young surgeons pi-. Dosage: 3x / week 10 g / kg pigeon mix food with BronchoStar 10ml.

Young Pigeons : young pigeons are weaned off at the age of 21 days.In this period of transition is not fully developed avoiding runout support, start of the activities of flight and the first flights, it is particularly important to strengthen the muscles and to compose the food as optimally as possible. In combination with Flexi Star, pigeon fanciers get the food of excellent quality. Dose: 3 x / week bind 10 g ProteinStar with 10 ml FlexiStar and the usual feeding of a dove.

Period of moult : feathers Only optimally fed guarantee a strong age of plum and wings strong. In order to obtain such feathers, proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and sulfur are extremely important. ProteinStar have all of these ingredients. In combination with a food of Kon, pi - perfectly balanced, this is the basis for success later. The biggest mistake one can do is to give food to a lesser degree during the period of moult under the pretext that "pigeons do not have to carry out anyway now". But that the formation of the pen in fact it is very important for subsequent key actions.Dose: 3 X / per week moisten 5 g / kg of feed dove with BronchoStar.

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  • Description: ProteinStar High-grade proteins highly absorbable Pigeons thicken quickly again Long-term effects, without clipping Combination of amino acids

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