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Cales de Calcium Birds

It is a food that provides calcium to their birds. The size, ideal for canaries, finches, parakeets, agapornis,...

Camelina Sativa Kikipro 3 kg bucket

The seeds of Camelina sativa KIKIPRO, are rich in unsaturated fats and vitamin E. Vitamin E has antioxidant...

Chia Kikipro bucket 3 kg

Chia seed for your birds , natural source of proteins, calcium , fatty acids omega-3 and antioxidants, a...

Foniopaddy Kikipro bucket 3 kg

Kiki Foniopaddy is a birdseed unique and 100% natural with the power values very high. Many breeders of birds...


Good seed to be painted in move in very clean and perfect packaging The beautiful night...
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Kiki Cocktail of Fruits 300g

Delicious Cocktail of fruits and nuts for parrots and parakeets. Extraordinraria blend of juicy fruits and...

Kiki pro - vital baby food for birds 1 kg

With a 30% crude protein converts it into a porridge ideal for embuchar the chicks. With the help of this porridge,...

Kiki pro - vital baby food for chicks 250

KIKI ProVital Porridge special for embuchar chicks of birds With a 35% crude protein converts it into a porridge...

Kiki Pro Canary islands Euro without canola, 5kg

Mixture of food seed selected for canaries and finches. Formulated with a selection of the best seeds enriched....

Kiki Pro Goldfinch Greater premium, 5kg

Mix specified, intended to cover the needs of small and major goldfinches.   Great variety of special seeds:...

Kiki Pro Goldfinches Premium, 5kg

Food for goldfinches premium of the professional range of kiki, experts in feeding of poultry , seeds of high...


Kiki Pro Lovebird Maintenance is a professional mix of extra quality, suitable for Lovebirds . Kiki Pro is...
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Mixture for wild birds in the supreme KIKIPRO 20 kg

Mixture of seeds of the highest quality called Wild SUPREME Seeds: Birdseed, cañamon, lettuce, white, bold,...
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