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Seeds for birds

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Lettuce white powder for birds

Versele Laga Canary seed to germinate 20 KG

Presentation of the product This blend is comprised of seeds specially selected in function of its great power...
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Birdseed Extra Beyers 25Kg

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Properties: It is the main seed in the diet of the inhabitants of the islands, is rich in carbohydrates and poor...


The dandelion is an important to cleansing of both the liver and the digestive system. The dandelion, so called...

NATURAL FOOD FOR BIRDS nettle, 100g Jarad

Chemical composition: it contains flavonoids, mineral salts, organic acids, vitamin A, C, B2, E and K,...

Panizo Versele-Laga Millet In Cluster 1 kg

At any moment we can use the millet on the branch by way of a prize for our pet. If we are training our pet,...
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Chia Legazin, 800gr

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