List of products by brand LABORATORIOS HEEL

GASTEEL digestive aid for dogs powdered 30 envelopes of 3...

Composed of a dsm 10663 / NCIMB 10415 strain of E. faecium, which has proven its effectiveness in: "Survival along...

ICHTHO VET derma gel perros y gatos 50 gr.

For the intensive care of the skin WITHOUT STEROIDS WITHOUT...

ICHTHO VET gel para los pies del caballo 250 ml

Gel that acts from the first symptoms, calming the severe eye irritation, dry and flaky skin in the pastern, fetlock...

Jarabe para la tos en perros TUSHEEL

INDICATIONS - Collapsed trachea: Cough in “squawking goose”, which is very common in dogs menoresde 10kg....

MOBEEL sobres, favorece la movilidad de perros y gatos

Heel Mobeel is a supplement powder for cats and dogs that help the disabled in a healthy way. Heel...

Relaxing syrup for dogs and cats PACIFEEL 100 ml

Manage in cases of restlessness at home, excess noise, training and socialization, visits to the veterinarian,...

Through the combination of natural supplements Heel Laboratories offers us a wide catalog of natural medicines for the care of our pets. Based on high-level clinical studies they get different drugs that help our animals to have an optimal health, want to know more?

Veterinarians around the world rely on Heel Laboratories products to help our pets in the face of a healing process. In addition, being composed with natural products there would be no problem combining them with other conventional medicines.

Another strength of Heel Laboratories products is that the chances of our pet suffering side effects from ingesting such medicines are minimal, natural is better!

Heel Laboratories Products

In Bird Add-ons we rely on Heel Labotarios and theirproducts, that's why they are within our reference manufacturers. If the veterinarian recommends the use of any of his medicines, you can find it here!

Among the products of Heel Laboratories you will find ranges for small and large animals. For example, you'll find shampoo for cats and dogs that's perfect, thanks to natural supplements, to control dermal inflammation, burning or even relieves itching.

If your pets are going through a moment of stress or agitation, with Heel Laboratories products you will also have solution based on natural accessories. Pacifeel envelopes from Heel Laboratories are perfect when they go through moments of turmoil.

You will also find supplements from Heel Laboratories for the health, for example, of your horses, with a gel specially designed for the horse's foot, reducing irritations, scaly or dry skin of the quartet. It'll make you feel so much better!

Do you need any of the products from Heel Laboratories? Thanks to its natural compositions you can be sure to help your pet with medicines that will not give it any kind of harmful side effects, offer them the best!