List of products by brand ARQUIVET SLU

ARQUIVET adult breeds MINI, chicken and rice 10 kg

Thanks to the croquettes have been designed to make them crispier and easier to chew. Its reinforced formula helps...

ARQUIVET for adult dog breeds MAXI, chicken and rice, 15 kg

With larger kibble and suitable for large breeds. This food has been specially formulated by veterinary experts and...

ARQUIVET for adult dog, lamb and rice 12 kg

The use of fresh lamb meat of high digestibility as the main protein source and the reduction of proteins of high...

ARQUIVET JUNIOR MAXI, for large breed puppies, chicken...

With larger kibble and suitable for this type of breeds. This food has been specially formulated to provide the...

ARQUIVET light, for SENIOR dog, chicken and rice, 15 kg

Crispier and easier to chew kibble to promote digestion in older dogs. This food has been formulated by veterinary...

ARQUIVET SENSITIVE for dog, salmon and potato 15 kg.

Food based on fresh salmon and potatoes, ideal for adult dogs of any breed with sensitive stomachs or with a...

ARQUIVET, for adult dog, chicken and rice 15 kg.

Its reinforced formula helps maintain the dog's natural defenses thanks to the manano-oligosaccharides that...

ARQUIVET, for junior dog, chicken and rice 15 kg

Thanks to the contribution of fresh proteins, the development of the muscles is improved and the bones are...

Educational soakers for dogs ARQUIVET PADS 30 X 45 15ud

The soaker brings some adhesive strips so that the soaker does not move from the place where you place it. 15...

feed for adult dogs size mini, chicken and rice ARQUIVET...

Thanks to the fact that the croquettes have been designed to make them crispier and easier to chew. Its reinforced...

Arquivet is a company founded inSpain, specifically in Granollers in 1990, and from that moment its goal is to give our pets the best food through natural feed.

Created by a veterinarian and nutritionist,since 1997, the brand creates Arquivet feed for dogs and other species with the most natural foods. Its different product ranges are focused on aspects of health or growth that we cannot overlook.

Arquivet: catalogue for dogs

Arquivet for dogs is an exceptional feed for two main reasons. The first of these, as we have already said, is that they are created through high quality natural product. The second, they are varied in terms of flavors and properties for our pets.

In this way, if you have a small puppy, with Arquivet Puppy Junior you will find the right food to provide you with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to grow healthy. For example, with Arquivet Puppy Junior chicken and rice you're giving it a growth base full of the vitamins you need.

The feed sacs of Arquivet Puppy Junior are also perfect for the mother of the breeding stage in the lactation stage,because being full of vitamins is the ideal complement to your diet. Thus, mother and puppy will be able to take advantage of the same feed.

The Arquivet feed of dogs also differentiates between mini breeds and maxi breeds,as their metabolism is not at all the same. In this way, you will know how to choose well which I think Arquivet dogs suits your pet best.

Another of the star products is Arquivet Salmon,which contains the ingredients that best come to our dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is formulated so that they can digest it without problem and take advantage of all the nutrients.

Do you want to give your pet a natural food? Discover the full range of Arquivet dog products and give it a balanced, natural, nutritious feed and that you will also love to savor!