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Complejo vitaminico FORTEPAC AD3E 100 ml

FORTEPAC TO D3 And is a supplement vitamin that is administered in the drinking water. This especially...

Fortepac - fertile

Fortepac Fertile is a product that has as main mission is to increase fertility during the laying of eggs. This...

Fortepac - Stop-Rearing 100ml

FORTEPAC - STOP-REARING I think complementary It is a product of supplementation in the drinking water...

Fortepac - Vitamin - E + Selenium, 100 ml

FORTEPAC - VITAMIN - E + SELENIUM I Think Complementary The term vitamin E describes a family of eight...

FORTEPAC 10, 100 ml.

Dosage and route of administration:   Oral administration in drinking water.   You will...

Fortepac Antiasmático, 100 ml

FORTEPAC ANTIASMÁTICO Composition: Essential oils of oregano, eucalyptus, pine, rosemary, Melaleuca...

Fortepac Cox 100ml

FORTEPAC-COX Feed supplement for birds Composition: Fortepac-cox: it is a natural product...

Fortepac Megaplus 100ml

What is the fortepac mega-plus and how it acts? It is a product composed of a mixture of organic acids(lactic,...


FORTEPAC HEPA-FORTE-PROTECTOR HEPATIC DESCRICION: I Think complementary designed to the hepatic metabolism of...


Premix designed to improve the feeding of birds, by optimizing the fermentation by reducing the pH, reducing the...

Suplemento vItaminico E + SELENIUM FORTEPAC 100 ml

Vitamin E + FORTEPAC is a multivitamin-mineral that contains a combination of vitamin E and selenium are...