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Curol Eat , the oil of healing, it is a oil of health composition, an antiseptic that helps the immune system of...

Avicur Bird 100 ml -

Avicur Bird is a cure for the health-based plant extracts that maintains the equilibrium of the immune system of...

Cometaves bird 70 gr

COMETAVES brings to the birds (canaries, scitacios, exotic...) all the elements required to achieve and maintain...

Eat bath Salts 750 gr (careful of the plume)

The bath salt to Eat is the product for the ideal care of the feathers of their pigeons. MODE OF EMPLOYMENT: -...

Eat Exibi 100 gr, (preparation of the birds for...

Eat Exibi, a product specifically designed to prepare the birds for the contests. INDICATIONS: - Has anti-stress,...

Eat Megabactol for birds, 250 ml (purifies and estimulaI)

Eat Megabactol 250 ml. Essential oils. Megabactol Bird contains essential oils with stimulating properties and...

Eat Winyix 250 gr (birds healthy, active and in full form)

Eat Winmix, to keep birds healthy, active, vigorous, and in full form throughout the year INDICATIONS: - Provides...

EAT, Fertol oil cria for parents 1 litre

The oil for the breeding replaces Megabactol Bird during the period of breeding. This oil is adapted to the...


Enercom puts the muscles in perfect condition before the flight. Enercom gives the desire and the strength for long...

Essential oils COMEDOL MUROL 250 ml

This oil contains aromatic components special. It is a perfect alternative to the antibiotic treatments as a...
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Fertibol Bird is a suspension-based calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and E necessary for the eggs to be larger...

Fertibol, 500g

Give a cucharda of coffee (5ml) for 250. of food. Start given 2 weeks before breeding and continuing throughout...

FERTOL Comed, oil-rearing for parents 250 ml

The oil for the breeding replaces Megabactol Bird during the period of breeding. This oil is adapted to the specific...


KNÖTERICHPULVER Pigments for the parties corneas Pigment to intensify the parties corneas (beaks and legs) of...


Megabactin Bird is a protective intestinal anti-droppings fluids. Maintains intestinal balance of a bird, by...

Murium 300 g

Eat Murium, protects the liver and improves digestion. Essential during the moult INDICATIONS: - Murium...

MUROL EAT 250 ml

Murol Eat is a refined oil, flavoured to help the metabolism during the molting process. Ideal to combine with...
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Roni Eat 100 gr

This combination stimulates the immune system and ensures a good and rapid digestion. The composition nourishes the...
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Roni Eat 40 gr

Roni was developed to keep a good condition of the mucous membranes of the beak, the throat and the...

Transcutine, 60 gr de Comed (gel para las patas)

Transcutine is applied to the legs of the dove. The legs get a beautiful reddish color due to absorption of the...