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Bone-shaped disposable bag holders for dogs - ARPPE

Bone-shaped disposable bag holder for ARPPE dogs, includes 2 spare parts


Are typical values expressed in % which indicates clearly the amount of nutrients (Proteins, fibers and fats) that...

canary seed for birds PREMIFOOD JARAD 5 kg

The canaryseed is an annual grass, winter-spring growing. Originally from the Mediterranean region, it is grown for...

Complementary food for birds ORANGE AND COCONUT JARAD 100 gr

Complementary feed for birds The composition of oranges and coconut contains several types of vitamins, such as:...

Foniopaddy PREMIFOOD JARAD 400 GR Seed

Jarad Foniopaddy is a unique and natural seed 100% with very high feed values. Many bird breeders use...

food for canaries PREMIFOOD JARAD SUPREME without brown 5 kg

Properties: - Proteins 15,6 % - Fibres 19 % - Fat 12,4 %

HEALTH SEED JARAD for all types of birds 3 kg

Seed of Health is a professional blend of seeds, suitable for all types of birds, composed of chicory, grasses,...

JARAD goat hair indicated for the manufacture of nests...

Natural white goat hair fibers is ideal to put our birds for the rebuilding of their nests, 100% natural and...

JARAD hemp seed, for birds, 3.5 kg

Hemp seed is high in protein and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. For this reason and for its high content of...

Mitura for parakeets JARAD ACTIVE 1 KG

Complete food for Parakeets based on selected seeds, which will delight your little bird. The careful selection...

Mix for canaries without doré Energy Premifood de Jarad 4 kg

These are indicative values expressed in % that clearly indicate the amount of nutrients (proteins, fibers and fats)...

Mix for canaries without oats JARAD 25 kg

Jarad is a 100% Andalusian brand dedicated to feeding birds for more than ten years.  In its food it only uses...

Mix for exotic birds PREMIFOOD DE JARAD PREMIUM 4 kg

Complete blend of superior quality for exotic birds.   It contains all the quality seeds that exotic birds need...