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Alpiste Manitoba Canada extra 5 kg

The Canada Manitoba alpiste is composed of very high quality seeds and certified from Canada. Rich in...

Dry Yellow Pasta TH World 4kg Cube

Special Yellow Dry Pasta   for European, Indigenous and Exotic Fauna. Contains egg, insects, shrimp and wild...

Extra Manitoba White Lettuce 1kg

Lettuce seed (lactuca sativa) is a small seed rich in vitamins B, C and A, which helps regulate the intenstinal...

MANITOBA 1kg micro sunflower pipe

The micro black pipe is high in protein and fat. It also has Iron, Vitamin E, Calcium and Vitamin B2....

MANITOBA PAT INSECT 400 gr pasta for insectivorous birds

400 gr Manitoba wet pasta Formulated for insectivorous birds, based on bakery products, oils and fats, cereals,...

Manitoba T3 Platinum 5 kg Canaries Mixure

Professional blend of extra special quality for Canaries. Don't create the golden plumage. Prevents unwanted...


T3 Manitoba  Platinum is a professional blend of extra quality, Special for Canaries composed of canaryseeds,...


Ingredients: Thistle, alpiste, erba mazzolina, negrillo, white knob, chicory, camelline, fennel, sesame, white...

Mix for carduelidi goldfinches MANITOBA 800 gr

Mxt. Carduelidi Goldfinches + Chia (Manitoba) + Description:  Professional blend of extra quality, special...

Mixtura for cardueldi Jilgueros MANITOBA 2.5 kg

Mxt. Jilgueros Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) + Description:  Professional blend of extra quality, special...

Mixtura for jilgueros cardueldi MANITOBA 15 KG + Chia

Mxt. Jilgueros Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) + Description:  Professional blend of extra quality, special...

Mixtura MANITOBA T 5 for canaries sack 20 kg

Mxt. Canaries T5 (Manitoba) Description:  Professional blend of extra special quality for Canaries, rich in...

Mórbida Candide White Pasta 3 kg

Professional wet white pasta NODORTM of extra quality for all types of birds, without dyes based on bakery products,...

Mxt. Germination Bianco Disfa 2.5 kg

Mxt. Disfa Germination Bianco is a blend for all kinds of birds, especially for Canaries White Tiles and Light...

Yellow Pasta Manitoba morbid Pate Gold 400 gr

Mórbida Yellow Pasta "Pate Gold" (Manitoba)    Complementary pasta based on bakery products, oils and fats,...

The manufacturer Manitoba finds its headquarters in Italy, where they are installed to develop some of the best mixtures, pastas and alpistes for birds. They have high quality mixtures in high demand by breeders around the world because of their high quality.

In Bird Add-ons we are a Manitoba distributor, so on our website you have its products to be able to give the best to your pets. Just take a look, or even check the opinions of our customers to realize that you are facing an excellent product.

Alpiste Manitoba

Alpiste Manitoba specializes in canaries, jilgueros, exotic birds, parrots and oversized parrots. In our manitoba product catalog we are sure that you will find the product that best suits the needs of your bird.

Among the products that breeders like the most we could talk about Manitoba T3,which comes in different weighings and that is an ideal product for canaries. It is a mix with blacksmith, knob, linaza and reed.

The Alpiste Manitoba Canada Extra is another of the products of the Italian manufacturer that has the most impact among our customers, being one of the ones that ask us the most. It is a very high quality alpiste because of its selection of seeds with great contribution of carbohydrates but low in fat.

You will also find different Manitoba pastas, like this Manitoba White Pasta that has no dyes. You also have Yellow Pasta Manitoba available in our catalog, the best for your pets!

In our catalog you can see that the Manitoba alpiste has very favorable opinions,are you planning to place your order? Tell us about your experience by leaving a review and the way to help other breeders choose between Manitoba products.

Choose the Manitoba Canada product(s) that best fit your pet and what they need and don't hesitate to order safely through Bird Add-ons. Give your bird the best of the Manitoba brand.