Baby food for parrots and parakeets TROPICAL 400 gr

Baby food for parrots and parakeets TROPICAL 400 gr

The slurry TROPICAL is idicada for all types of parrots and parakeets baby, from birth until they begin to eat.


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The Slurry Tropical Hand Feeding Formula provides a daily nutrition suitable for baby parrots until they are chicks, that is a critical age in the life of a parrot. Your tasty recipe simplifies the transition to the following Formula Tropical Cycle of Life.High-quality food for optimal growth of the chicks.

High-quality food for optimal growth of the chicks

• It is a formula micro-ground extruded of multigranos and peanuts
• Contains No preservatives, colorants or artificial flavors
• Contains sunflower seeds and peanut "unfit for humans"
• Contains optimal levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients required by growing babies
• Contains multiple sources of protein to build feathers, impeccable
• Contains optimal levels, balanced and safe of calcium and vitamin D for the requirements of all species of parrots
• Contains omega natural and fatty acids from flax seeds
• Has a high-density caloric
• Provides nutrient density and gut motility best
• Has a lot of flavor and simplifies the transition to the Formula of High-Yield Tropical
• It is easy to prepare; just add hot water to dried formula and mix
• It is easy to clean, since it does not stick to the feathers
• It is fully processed and pasteurized to eliminate microorganisms bacterial and fungal; high level of gelatinisation of starch
• You do not have fractionation solid / liquid, resulting in peristalsis effective and without impaction


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