Food for rabbit grain GREEN NATURE RIBERO 800 gr

Food for rabbit grain GREEN NATURE RIBERO 800 gr

Complete food for rabbits in the form of granules and packed in atmosphere proteectora to keep all the properties of this super food.


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83% HAYES: Contains long fibers for oblener a correct tooth wear and a good oral health.

Provides 17% of fiber that helps the proper functioning of the intestine. 14% VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: they Are very much appreciated by chinchillas as qucontieneuna large quantity of vitamins and regulate his intestinal functions, avoiding the constipation. 1'5% MEDICINAL HERBS: That help the digestion of the allmentos. 1'5% CEREALS: cereals are flaked, offering as well a few best characteristics organoleptics, which increases their digestibility and palatability.

With this we offer the ideal diet for chinchillas, since it is low in energy and very high in fiber. His ingredients are: Hays of Festuca, of Oat, of Ray-grass, of Lucerne and Straw of barley dried in the sunlight, Vetch, dandelion, Leaves of the Olive tree, Rolled Wheat, Rolled Barley, Rolled Corn, Carrot, Apricot, Banana and Cherries.

The news of this mixture:

- This consists of hay drying in the sun of high-quality cultivated by Ribero.

- Contains the proper proportions and required of each of the basic products of the pyramid of food of the chinchillas.

- This mix covers naturally for your pet's needs with the minimum fat content.


- Helps to naturally wear teeth.

- His great contribution in natural fiber benefits your digestive system, prevents diseases such as hair ball in the stomach, diarrhea, or obesity, and helps the proper growth of the teeth.


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