Sanodress Bio Pharma 2250 ml

Sanodress Bio Pharma 2250 ml

Sanodress Bio Pharma is a product indicated to undo the fat deposits in pigeons, as well as prevents the clotting of

the blood in birds inactive


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- Against the clotting of the blood
- Against the deposit of fat
- Stimulates and regulates metabolism
- Preventive effect against cancer
- Creates defenses against viruses and bacteria.
- Regenerates the intestinal flora
- Disinfects the water

- Minerals
- Acids
- Plant extracts
- Oligoelelementos
- Citric acid
- Lactic acid

- Treatment: 1 tablespoon per 3 litres (or 1.5 kg of food) of water 3 times a week.
- Especially: in shedding season. breeding and in-season contests.

- Pot of 250 ml.

we recommend storage in a cool and dry place, for the optimal maintenance of the product


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