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Stamox-Vet, 100% natural product

- Improved the speed in flight between 2% and 3%
- Improves resistance in flight around a 15%
- Significantly increases the oxygenation of the blood
- Promotes the circulation of the blood, increasing the blood supply to all organs
- Increases the desire to fly
- Is a 100% natural product, without chemical additives

- In winter, before the start of the season of flights. During the 3 weeks prior to the start of the flights, manage Stamox-Vet 2 times a week: 1 tablespoon of Stamox-Vet per 2 litres of water.
- Speed tests. The night before the enceste and the day of the enceste, 1 tablespoon of Stamox_vet per liter of water
- Tests of average distance: the 2 nights before the enceste, 1 tablespoon of Stamox-Vet per litre of water
- Evidence of long distance: the 4 nights before the enceste, 1 tablespoon of Stamox-Vet per litre of water
- As preparation for tests of long distance: during the 4 weeks prior to the race, every Monday and Tuesday to give 1 tablespoon of Stamox-Vet per litre of water.
- In Pigeon Sport: the 2 days leading up to the release, 1 tablespoon of Stamox-Vet per litre of water.

- Boat 150 gr

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