With a single quota of 16.95 euros per year, the Flat Rate allows the sending of orders on our website for a whole year without paying any other shipping costs.

You can send home, to the workplace or to the address indicated within Spain (except Ceuta, Melilla and international shipments).

HOW IT IS USED To contract it, simply add it to an order from the departments mentioned above *. As of that moment, shipping costs will not be charged for one year.

So that the flat rate can be applied, it must be identified and the amount of the order, after applying discounts of any kind, must be greater than 15 euros.

The flat rate can not be contracted in orders of more than 20 kilos.

This rate is applicable to the indicated departments.

The following items are not included in the Flat Rate: Orders that exceed 20 kilos. If the order includes items not included in the Flat Rate, the general shipping costs will apply.

CONDITIONS The flat rate is an exclusive online promotion not applicable to shopping shipments in shopping centers.

The Flat Rate is for personal and non-transferable use. It is available to anyone over 18 years of age, for private and private use; It is not allowed to use for companies.

The Flat Rate is not refundable.

From the moment of purchase, the expiration date will appear in the record, and it can be renewed once it has expired. It will not be renewed automatically.

The Flat Rate can not be contracted by telephone nor is it applicable to telephone orders.

Palmar Logistica s.l reserves the right to make changes in the conditions of service, use and sale, as well as its cancellation.

In case of misuse or fraudulent use of the Flat Rate, the service will be suspended without any refund. Enjoy it for only € 16.95 And forget about shipping costs for 12 months.