Palmar Logistica sl has several payment methods to facilitate your purchases.

Pay at home when you receive it (cash on delivery)

Income in our bank account Bank transfer Credit card.

Pay with PayPal Pay at home when you receive it.

(Cash on delivery) In this payment method, you pay the delivery person when you receive the order at home. This method of payment has an additional cost of 3% on the price of the item, with a minimum of € 2.50 due to the commission of the parcel company. Only accepted in Peninsula.

Income in account complementosparaaves offers the possibility to the client to make the payment of your order through a direct deposit in our account of any of these banking entities: Banco Bbva, IBAN: ES82 0182 0046 55 0201533716 When you decide this payment option and once Once your order is finished, the necessary data will appear on the screen to make the deposit into account. We will also send you an email with this information. We indicate the amount of the order, the concept that you must indicate in it and the account number of the entity that you have selected. It is important that at the time of admission, the client indicates as a concept the reference of their order, provided by in the email, in order to expedite the billing and the delivery of their purchase. The entry into account has the advantage that the immediate shipment is released that same day. Once the payment is confirmed, the package will be invoiced, packed and sent. If you wish to speed up this process you can send us an email to the address

Credit card The payment by credit card used in is done through the secure payment gateway of the banco bva This payment method complementospara aves never collects nor manipulates any data of the client relative to its card number.

All data is processed directly by the bank bbva, so that can always offer the highest transparency and confidentiality in the transaction. The payment of your order is made directly with the bank, thus offering maximum security. The cards currently supported by the payment gateway are all those that bear the distinctive Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express in addition to those belonging to the 4B, Red 6000 and Servired networks. The payment gateway also accepts the MobiPay mobile phone payment system. If you wish to activate this service, contact your operator.

The system also supports the CES protocol (Secure Electronic Commerce). Therefore, your purchase is safer than if you used your card in a conventional store. If you have any questions, you can write to or call 925 31 60 80 where we will assist you to clarify any concerns. PayPal Make payments with your PayPal account. Acceptance mark