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Based compound of glucose and electrolytes, especially indicated to obtain a very fast recovery after the contests.
- Accelerates the recovery process after the competitions.
- Prevents dehydration
- Prevents the demineralization.
- Helps to recover the body after processes of diarrhea watery

The metabolism high and the substantial effort of the pigeon in flight result in numerous waste products. In the elimination of urea, uric acid, and phosphoric acid, lactic acid and carbonic acid, are consumed primarily sodium ions and, therefore, the elimination depends on the amount of these ions available to the pigeon.

Water loss is also appreciable during the flight. For all these reasons, it is important to give the pigeons Electrolit natural on their return from a race.

This energy drink compensates effectively the depletion of water and electrolytes, and restores progressively the acid-base balance. It also represents a gain of energy (glucose) immediately, which shortens considerably the period of recovery. Diseases such as adenovirosis and the paramixovirosis cause diarrhea and cause a significant loss of minerals and water.

Natural Electrolit prevents dehydration caused by diarrhoea and accelerates the recovery of an illness.

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