Enzy Complex

Enzy Complex

Milk enzymes of action of probiotic and fructooligosaccharides for prebiotic action for the balance of the intestinal flora -


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It is a combination of nutritional substances, ferment fructooligosaccharides able to preserve and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora.

It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of arrive alive in the gut and positively promote the intestinal health of the bird. The products works as a probiotic and prebiotics play an important role in the assistance to the activities of bacteria in the gut, thus strengthening the barrier effect of the mucosa of the intestine, stimulating the immune response and the balance of the components of the immune system.

Since each bacterial population has a own metabolism, their co-existence is possible thanks to the control that each species exerts on the development of the other. The maintenance of bowel regularity is a barrier useful to the excessive proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, while an imbalance may cause changes in the number and quality of bacteria.

It stimulates the immune system, improves resistance to disease, creates a barrier effect against pathogenic microorganisms in the body, improves the absorption of nutrients, strengthens the intestinal flora bacterial beneficial, prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and leads to a lower mortality rate. WE ADVISE you to Provide every day, to prevent gastrointestinal disorders and to improve the well-being of the body by strengthening its natural defences.

It is advisable to use ENZYCOMPLEX throughout the year, but it is essential to administer it during these phases of the biological cycle, in which the body is more easily exposed to periods of debilitating: prior to hatching, during the growth phase of the chickens during the moult, after exhibitions, performances and / or competitions. Use: mix with food or dissolve in drinking water. If fed with water, it is advisable to replace it every 6 hours and accurately clean the drinking fountains Dose: 10 g per kg food or per litre of drinking water.

Duration of treatment: 10 days in a row. Loading dose: 15 g per kg food or per litre of drinking water. Duration of treatment: 5 consecutive days. Maintenance: once a week.


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Hola, me gustaría saber cuantos paquetes entran del producto. Gracias


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es 1 paquete de 20 Gr


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