FLORATRANSIT : Extraordinary small intestinal disorders


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The doves at all times of the year may have problems or intestinal disorders and not for this are sick but you have to act immediately so they don't go over aya , and an extraordinary product of the house Moureau is the Floratransit .

Whenever you notice that the droppings are not perfect , being somewhat soft or watery we can give to the pigeons this product is harmless and not addictive, and in a few days everything returns to normal .A critical time is in the first few days of being born and the weaning them so that, if we observe something that is not good for your digestive system we will check with Floratransit in small doses, as mentioned in the prospectus and we will give it until everything normalized . If we see that the problem is not solved is because there is a more serious infection, and in such a case we must go to a vet because it's almost certain that they coccidial , trichomonas, or vermes , without ruling out a possible problem viral .

When the pigeon returns from a contest you need a power supply very light and digestive for your whole body to relax ( carbohydrates ) and as well in a few days to be able to be fed with food more energy . This is a good time to mix the food Cleansing with Floratransit and a yogurt . A few hours will make a few droppings are perfect and will help to a better recovery .

Another crucial time to use this product is when you immunize pigeons Paramixovirósis and as a support vitamin there are that give you the best polivitamínico that has been on the market very rich in vitamin B , and one of the best is the Floramue of the house Moureau or the Vitin the house Chevita . Recall that the B complex is of great help in cases of stress and the pigeons in their first few months suffer many intestinal disorders such vitamin is ideal for these cases .

Some people may ask themselves why I do so much propaganda of the products Moureau and the only reason is because they are of great quality and I've used it many years and I have a great experience of them as I have never been disappointed . In addition to the house Moureau are distinguishable for use in their products active ingredients natural resulting in that are very little harmful-not to say that they are totally harmless . Of course I'm referring to some of them because they also have medicine to cure diseases and such are as the of another business house and are to be used under the prescription of a veterinarian is competent .

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