Stimulsex 200ml, Vitamin E liquid

Stimulsex 200ml, Vitamin E liquid

Stimulsex is a product designed for the specific needs of the birds,it Contains ingredients that stimulate the sexual activity of the birds, consequently, the fertility and mating.


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It stimulates the reproduction and the singing. Vitamin E - Ginseng - Echinacea - Propolis
Water, Sorbitol, Glycolic Extract of Ginseng, Echinacea and Propolis, Sucrose.
CONCENTRATION PR Kg: Vit. E 20.000 mg, Vit.C 15,000 mg, L-Carnitine, 250 mg, Selenium 2 mg.
USEFUL TIPS: 10 cc per litre of water for 15-20 days to males and for 10-15 days, the females, before mating; during 15 consecutive days to stimulate the singing, while during the breeding it is recommended to be given 7 days prior to the start.
STIMULSEX, studied for the specific needs of the birds, it is useful to: stimulate the reproductive organs of the females and in particular, of the male; stimulate the mating and to enhance sexual activity; to increase the fertility and hatching of eggs.

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