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Chinchilla & Degu Complete - is a feed full food tasty for chinchillas and degus, 100% grain extruded for easy digestion

Dental Care
In small mammals appear frequently dental problems. In most cases, these are the direct result of a inadequate diet that does not contribute sufficiently to the natural wear and tear necessary to the denture, and to its continued growth. The addition of long fibers whole specific with a high content of silicate in the granulated Chinchilla Complete ensures the maximum activity of chewing, tooth wear is necessary and good oral health.

Fresh Vegetables
The process of extrusion allows you to add fresh vegetables to the granules. The addition of at least 10% fresh vegetables ensures a taste more appetizing. In addition, together with the fibers and the texture of the pellets, Chinchilla Complete is becomes a I think ideal for chinchillas, with a high degree of intake.

Long Fibres
Chinchillas are, by nature, herbivores require a diet with a content sufficiently high in fibers and low in starch. Chinchilla Complete contains 20% crude fibre. However, the most unique is the manufacturing process, which allows these foods to Complete containing long fibers and rich in silicate, not crushed, as those that are present in natural foods. These long fibers help to improve the functioning of the intestine, and the mouth of a more efficient way that the fibers are crushed finely feed classic for rodents.

Low Calorie
The combination of a low energy content, a low starch content and a high content of dietary fibre long built-in to the own pellets extruded provides a diet of easy digestion, and balanced. In this way, your pet will maintain your ideal weight.

The unique addition of prebiotics, Fructo-OligoSmites (FOS) and Mannan-OrligoSmites (MOS), stimulates the intestinal flora in general. In this way, we obtain an optimal balance and a good bowel function.

Vitamin Plus
The addition of essential vitamins to feed Complete promotes better overall health. Vitamin A is important for renewal of skin cells, vision, reproduction and metabolism. Vitamin D3 stimulates the intake of calcium/phosphorus, as well as strengthening the bones. Vitamins E and C are important antioxidant that protect the body's cells from free radicals. These two vitamins will increase also the natural resistance of the body. All feed Complete are enriched with vitamin C stabilized. Unlike its crystalline form, stabilised vitamin C is much less sensitive to oxidation and biodegradation, remaining active for a much longer time.

Pro Immunity
The addition of plant pigments in natural lutein and β-carotene provides a positive effect on endurance and physical condition general. On the one hand, these carotenoids have the property of being a potent antioxidant biological. On the other hand, increase the natural resistance of the body, by stimulating the formation of antibodies against the disease.

Optimal Coat
The addition of the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 provide healthy skin and a silky hair. The omega 6 fatty acids are incorporated in vegetable oils specific. On the other hand, the addition of linseed to the feed Complete provides omega-3 fatty acids necessary. In this way, we obtain an ideal ratio between the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

Anti Hairball
Thanks to the use of natural fibers specific the risk of forming balls of hair in the stomach and in the intestinal tract decreases.

Odour Control
All feed Complete contain extracts of cassava. These extracts fixed ammonia and other components that cause the smell of feces and urine. In this way, these unpleasant odors are greatly reduced.

Composition: by-products of vegetable origin (23% timothy hay, alfalfa, grasses and herbs), extracts of vegetable proteins, seeds (2% linseed), minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides (0,3%), marigold, yucca.

Analytical components:

  • Crude protein 17 %
  • Fats gross 3 %
  • Crude cellulose 20 %
  • Crude ash 7 %
  • Calcium 0,8 %
  • Phosphorus 0,6 %
  • Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg
  • Vitamin D3 1200 IU/kg
  • Vitamin E 80 mg/kg
  • Vitamin C 100 mg/kg
  • E1 Iron 100mg
  • E2 Iodine 2mg
  • E4 Copper 10mg
  • E5 Manganese 75mg
  • E6 Zinc 70 mg
  • E8 Selenium 0,2 mg
  • Antioxidants
  • Calories: 119 (per serving of 30g)

Also available in format of 8kg, only upon request. Estimated delivery period maximum 15 days after the execution of the order.


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