FORTEPAC-BD3+AND I Think Complementary


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FORTEPAC-BD3+AND I Think Complementary

PROPERTIES AD3E FBL, prevents and corrects deficiency states, especially those that produce disturbances in reproduction; Its use is recommended in the preparation of the players before and during the mating. Vitamins A and D3 are of special importance in the improvement of the nacencia. With the administration of Vitamin A, is achieved by the strengthening of the intestinal epithelium, and this promotes an increase in the absorption of Vitamin D3.

The shortage of vitamin E (hypovitaminosis E) causes a decrease of the sexual appetite and loss of fertility. Its spectrum of action extends to both males and females, although it is in the first in where he acquires a greater importance in producing alterations in the sex glands and leading to degenerative lesions in the testis; The sperm lost their motility and displayed morphological abnormalities, decreases the synthesis of testosterone and results in a decrease of the libido behaving males as castrated. Part of these symptoms are due to a hypofunction of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in the which decreases the synthesis of gonadotrophic hormones from.


COMPOSITION Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Vitamin A And 5,000 U. I; Vitamin D3, 800 U. I; Vitamin E, 2,5 mg ADDITIONAL INFORMATION crude Protein, 0%, Oils and fats gross, <0.5%, crude Fiber, 0%, crude Ash, 0%, water Content, 75%.

Usage AND DOSAGE orally, administered in the drinking water, 1 ml/liter of water or 2 drops in 40 ml, during 25 days prior to mating and continue for 5 days, resting for 10 until the end of the set.


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