Piretrón dogs more than 15 kg, Pipette against Mosquito, fleas and ticks PIRETRÓN® is a potent antiparasitic external to dogs for the treatment and control of mosquitoes,phlebotomines, fleas, ticks and lice.

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Bayer Healthy and Beautiful Cleansing Wipes Citronelas for dogs and cats

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Size: S.- Measures bags:· Width: 3 cm· Height: 6 cm- Content: 4 rolls of 20 bags.- Made of plastic.- For any dispenser, bags on roll.- Color: Multiple. Open a bag and use it as if it were a glove. Pick up trash, close the bag and discard it in the trash.

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Lotion for the protection and care of the pads of the dogs. The pads are formed by a thick layer of skin and fat deposits, which protect against abrasions, dampen the impact received by the joints and prevent bumps and damage bone. Even if they are resistant zones, front to certain conditions very xigentes, can dry out, crack or even bleed.

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Deodorizer-high-capacity, effective against a wide range of odors.

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