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This I think is indicated to treat the allergies and intolerances in dogs of all ages. Indications: Indicated for treating allergies nutritional. Indicated to treat food intolerances.

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Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement for dogs, which contributes to promoting the health and also the intestinal balance. Features: Probiotic supplement dietary for clinical use. For dogs of all ages.

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Benefits of the product hydrolysed whey protein is when protein is broken down into small components that are less likely to cause a negative response in food-sensitive cats source of carbohydrates, low-allergen High digestibility for optimal absorption of nutrients complete and balanced formula for kittens and adult cats

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A diet clinic to help control the intestinal disorders in cats of all ages. INDICATIONS • gastrointestinal Disease acute or chronic: - acute Diarrhea or chronic weight Loss and vomiting intermittent - Gastroenteritis and colitis - Malabsorption and/or maldigestión - food Intolerance - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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The dogs skin is an organ that is very important that you can be affected by diseases such as dermatosis. If you notice that your pet will appear spots or rashes on the skin go to the vet. In order to alleviate these symptoms, Purina Veterinary Diets has created this I think that does not include medications and that will help your dog to avoid future...

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