varied mix dinner with chicken - for adult dogs animated happy life adult chicken Dinner is a mixture of the dinner tasty and varied with chicken provides all the nutritional elements for adult dogs animated

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Opti Life Maxi Medium Adult Digestion is a specialized food for the digestive system sensitive of your dog. Opti Life Adult Digestion Medium & Maxi is a formula perfectly balanced, specially developed to meet all the nutritional needs of your dog if you have a sensitive digestive system.

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I think start for puppies Versele Laga Oké Puppy 10 kg

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I think for dog Opti Life Adult Maxi 12.5 kg of Versele-Laga with new formula balanced, with no Corn, Wheat, and "0" to Gluten.

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Versele Laga Opti Life Mini Adult is a food well-balanced on the base of lamb and rice, suitable for the feeding of adult dogs of breeds mini. This is a formula very palatable and digestible, which gives the dog everything it needs to stay strong and healthy. The 80% of the proteins come from animal sources, which corresponds to the carnivore diet.

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Plaza Salinas 1 Mascaraque, Toledo 45430