I think for all breeds of dogs, made with fruits, vegetables, and meat of wild origin Free of grains and potatoes, items that do not formanparte of the natural diet of buts. Flavor: Lamb and wild Boar.

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Pieso without cereals for large dogs.

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A feed is composed to base of salmon, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3. The meat and salmon improve the quality of the hair and the skin of our dog.

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We find a I think for puppies with no grains or potatoes. It is developed with natural ingredients such as bushmeat, forest fruit, herbs and vegetables. contains fatty acids for a toll and a healthy skin. Favors the nervous system of the animal, as well as the development of the bones and joints. Flavor salmon, and turkey.

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Natural feed for adult dogs of all breeds, with a recipe that closely resembles the original diet of dogs and their ancestors. Carnilove contains meat of wild with a mix of fruits and vegetables. Is a food that is grain free, with no grains or potatoes. Flavor: Duck and Pheasant

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Food for adult dogs of all breeds. Formulated with ingredients found in nature, contains reindeer meat wild, rich in proteins and antioxidants. It is low in fat. Contains No cereals or potatoes. Flavor: Reindeer

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