Animal Market, new point of purchase of Palmar product

We want to give you great news. Now you can buy the Palmar products in a physical store! Brands like Versee Laga, Nutribird, Beyers, Nekton, Oropharma, Witte Molero, Breed Max, Bipal, Perla Morbida, 2GR, Sta Soluzioni, Pedros and Zupreem are the ones you can find in the new store that has the Palmar products between their shelves. Where can you find them? In Animal Market you will find many of our products and always at a great price. Many are already trust in our products through our website and now you can find them in a physical store. [Gallery columns = "5" ids = "419,406,418,416,403"] Animal Market is located in Calle Móstoles 95 de Fuenlabrada (Madrid). Its owner, Manuel, will advise you of the best products. You can find everything there, and little by little more and more things. Let's hope you find everything you need for your pets, Fabio Coentero has already done so.   Contact  

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