Animals, "Living beings endowed with sensibility"

If you have a pet at home, you are sure to consider her as a member of the family. However, for the legislation, the animals continued to have the legal status of things until very recently, so they could be seized in case of default or be included in inheritances with consideration of monetary value. A conception that originated in the nineteenth century and has finally been amended last December so that all animals go to have legal status of living beings endowed with sensitivity. A news that we have received with great joy in our online store for birds and that it equips the Spanish legislation with that of other countries like Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany.

The new text, which replaces the one that had so far, considers that animals have the capacity to feel and that, therefore, their owners must respect their rights and always ensure their welfare, avoiding situations of abandonment, abuse or provocation of a death Cruel and unnecessary. But in addition, it will regulate the fate of the pets after a divorce, valuing both the interest of each of the owners and the welfare of the mascot, anticipating even the shared custody regime to distribute the times of coexistence if Both members want to continue to enjoy it.

On the other hand, thanks to this law, animals may not be seized as payment for debts contracted by their owners. And it is that, although the animals are appropriate and object of commerce, it is a relation of private property that must be regulated by the quality of being a living being endowed with sensibility. Therefore, their use and enjoyment and disposition on this must respect at all times this quality.

What is curious is that the Penal code already distinguished since the year 2003 between the damage caused to domestic animals and things, while the Civil code continued to ignore its quality of living beings with sensitivity. The Spanish Civil code considers animals as "livestock goods", which contradicts article 13 of the EU's functioning treaty, which recognizes animals as sentient beings. Because of this, this anachronism has already been reformed in other civil codes of the European continent.

Parliamentary proceedings

It was citizens who in the last month of February presented a proposal of law in this respect. Debated and supported by most of the parliamentary groups. A proposal that was promoted by the Affinity Foundation and the Justice and Animal Defense observatory that have achieved 243,000 signatures through the digital platform. However, it has been the PP that has finally drawn up a new bill on the basis of it.

After being admitted to formality, the reform now begins its parliamentary path and may be amended through amendments from other formations. Although the fact that it has the backing of all political parties evidence that it will end up coming to light yes or yes. In addition, the Parliamentary Association for the Defence of Animal Rights (APDDA) has encouraged members to support the new law, considering as a major step towards raising awareness that animals have rights that must be protected by law.

In any case, there are several opposition groups which, despite having expressed their support, consider that the popular bill is short and that it must be much more demanding in some respects. The PSOE, for example, considers that, in addition to this, a national Bank of animal owners should be created, promote awareness-raising and sensitization campaigns so that people do not buy animals in a compulsive way and that the protections are recognised and regulated. And the grouping of We can hope that this is the beginning towards the elimination of the denomination of Cultural interest of the bullfighting shows, the subsidies for it and the emission of the runs on the public television stations.

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