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We have received a shipment of a new brand that we are willing to show you to our warehouse has arrived GZM SL. This company is dedicated to the production of pet food, present in the food sector for more than 50 years under the brand KIKI. At present, the firm GZM SL combines the acquired experience and the most modern technological systems of storage, treatment and conservation of seeds. Thanks to this, it is considered one of the most advanced production plants in the world. They contribute to the nutrition, health and well-being of your pets and pets by putting healthy, balanced and top quality products into your hands. Therefore, they have the widest range of KIKI products, from professional food for breeders to nutritional supplements that meet the specific needs of each pet.

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In addition, its range of products is wide:

Destined to professionals of the breeding of birds in cage. Breeders of parrots, parakeets, parakeets, exotics, canaries, wild, etc.  KIKI maintains a continuous contact with this group to develop new products and to investigate the nutritional needs of these birds. -GZMKIKI Excellent is intended for both birds and rodents, made with the best raw materials in the market, in order to provide the necessary nutritional values. The Excellent line is demanded by consumers looking for a high quality product at a competitive price.
-GZMThe KIKI Premium line is specially designed for rodents, it provides essential ingredients to strengthen its defenses and in turn contribute Omega 3, giving a special and soft shine to your hair. The formulation of this whole range is made with the direct advice of specialized veterinarians.
-GZMOur line KIKI Agualine is made up of specialized products for fish and turtles. This includes products destined for hot and cold water fish, gammarus, sticks for freshwater turtles and pond fish.
-GZMKIKI Terraline is made up of specialized products for reptiles such as iguanas, providing specific foods to meet all the needs of these animals.
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