Cómo iniciarse en la cetrería

How to get started in falconry:: 5 keys to consider

Falconry is an exciting activity that has been carried out for centuries. It used to be a way of providing food but today it is mostly a hobby. Although it also has practical uses essential to the current lifestyle, such as keeping airport runways free of birds that may cause aviation accidents or freeing cities from the dirt of some birds. Today many people wonder how to start in falconry by hobby, for competition or as an opportunity to create a business around it. Is that your case? We tell you the keys to keep in mind.

How to get started on falconry and keys to consider

1. Learn how to handle and care for a raptor

When someone is wondering how to start in the falconry it is assumed that they have already had some approach to the management and care of the animal. If not, this is the essential first step. Because theory is one thing, videos can seem beautiful and on paper or screen an interesting activity. But you'll only know if you're really interested, if you practice it. If you don't know any falcons, don't worry. There are courses, workshops and activities where you can make a first approach to falconry. Ideally, if you seriously consider being a falconor and having your own bird or bird, you have a good handling of these learning from people with experience and ability to transmit their knowledge about falconry.

2. Know the requirements imposed by the law for possession of raptors and get the necessary permits

Birds of prey aren't exactly what we know as pets. It is essential that when someone considers how to start in falconry, they are informed of the requirements that their country or autonomous community requires for the possession of these animals and their use in falconry. If permissions are required, keep in mind that you must obtain them before you get a bird of prey.

3. Have access to a suitable space for your birds

One of the keys to consider for initiation into falconry is what space they will live in. It's not a minor issue so you should be very clear about everything you need and how you can provide it. It will be good for you to read books about falconry and meet experienced falconers to know how you can delve into this discipline by offering the right space for the raptor.

4. Identify what resources need stake in the way of getting started in falconry and acquire the necessary equipment

To handle, feed, care and protect your bird of prey you will need proper equipment. Keep in mind that for their feeding some falcons take care of the breeding of birds that serve them as food and that you will need telemetry devices to locate the animal wherever it is. Make a list of the basic equipment you need to start in falconry and value the budget you have for it. The next step will be to assign it to each specific item and proceed to its purchase. You can buy the telemetry equipment for complementosparaaves.com falconry and find there other key elements to get you started in this discipline.

5. Learn about the choice of falconry bird and make the acquisition

A key step in getting started in falconry is how to choose the right bird and how to get it. Without a rapacious, you have nothing to do so it is important that you spend as much time on this matter as necessary. Learn how to make a good choice of bird and the legal ways you have to acquire the right one to start in the world of falconry with your own bird.   If falconry attracts you and you find it an exciting activity, encourage yourself and become a cetrero. These keys should be considered by anyone who thinks about how to start in the falconry, so keep an eye on them. They are important to step forward and become a falcondoing things right for your safety, the well-being and health of the bird and to enjoy this activity.

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