New range VerseleLaga for dogs, Optilife

A healthy life begins with a balanced lifestyle

Who does not think that your dog is full of vitality and radiates health? A balanced lifestyle keeps your dog in an optimal state. A daily balance between the right elements is what makes your dog glow. To achieve a balanced diet, Verse-Laga has created its new OpiLife line for dogs. It is the food that keeps your dog in optimal condition. What is a balanced diet? Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and a number of other nutrients your dog needs every day in the right amounts. With a balanced dog food you get all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs in a balanced way.

With OptiLife you see quickly on the outside the OptiLife change does inside!

OptiLife is carefully formulated with quality ingredients, tasty and natural depending on the nutritional needs of your dog. OptiLife does not contain flavors, artificial dyes. With OptiLife you will quickly get an optimal status and you will quickly notice shiny hair, moist nose, bright eyes, soft digestion and good dental health. OptiLife is noticeable! Do you want to buy OpiLife products? At Palmar Logística we have a selection for you, just add them to your shopping cart and your dog enjoy No title-1

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