A blue tide for autism

Another year comes to the streets of Santa Fe the blue Race for autism. The association Mira me of support to families and people with disorders of the autistic spectrum (TEA) of Granada, the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) and the city Council of Santa Fe unite again to citizenship and sponsors to make known the autism, the capacities of People with autism and their needs, as well as to raise awareness of respect for their rights in an increasingly inclusive society.

Autism, or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is known little, and what little is known on many occasions responds to false myths and stereotypes that label these people in roles or characteristics that do not help their integration in all areas of the Society in a situation of equality and respect.

From there comes the idea of creating an event that tries to bring autism and its reality to all corners of Granada. A solidarity race that combines this goal with sport and greets

Palmar Logística S.L. Collaborate with the association look at me in the second blue race by providing a cheque worth €50 for the post-race draw. This check will be valid in order to spend on Nuetra Web buying any type of products for your pets. You can choose the product you want, from accessories for birds, dogs or cats to feed or vitamins.

Do you want to collaborate?

You can do it in several ways:

  1. Registration ONLINEPuedes to make your inscription and to pay your dorsal in a virtual way through the platform established for it in "crossing the goal". You will only have to fill in your data and follow the steps to pay your back by paying by card or by bank transfer. Those who want to know their time and classification in the test should select competitive DORSAL. The other participatory dorsal fin must be chosen by those and those who do not intend to compete.Register for the Blue Race 2

    Click on the image to access the registration form

    2. Physical registration Points

    For all the people who can not or do not want to do the inscription and the virtual credit, we have established two points from where they can register without any problem. You will only have to move to some of these points, give your data and pay the cost of your dorsal right there:

    • MUNICIPAL Sports Center SANTA FE (Plaza DE Carlos II)
    • Autism Association Look at Me (C/sculptor Navas evenly n º 3 – 18006 Granada) in hours from 10 to 14 hours.

    3. "Dorsal 0" (solidarity Dorsal)

    If you can not or do not want to run, but would like to collaborate, your option is the "dorsal 0" (dorsal solidario). Sign up for the solidarity DORSAL from the following link: http://www.cruzandolameta.es/ver/ii-carrera-azul-por-el-autismo-dorsal-0 — 460

  We'll run for autism, and you?

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