Ribero, new brand for rodents

Ribero S.A.T. It is an agrarian company, dedicated to the cultivation of rustic farms, located in the region of La Noguera, Lérida the company was created approximately towards 1976, when Ribero, descendant of farmers and ranchers, decides to start on its own an agrarian business. Since then, the Ribero family has turned to the business, exploring the land, taking care of and improving the fields, and always trying to obtain the highest quality products. With extensive experience gained from generation to generation, Ribero products are unique for your pet’s food, as they work day to day to offer the best product at a reasonable price. They offer exclusive and unique products in the market, with the added value of the realization of the whole production process, from sowing to distribution. Ribero believes that innovation is in nature, and for this reason in its fields they work according to the Code of good agricultural practices, betting on technological innovation for cultivation, obviating the production in quantity and priming the quality of the product. The result of their work are high quality products, with a delicious color, aroma and flavor. Ribero guarantees all the traceability of its products and certifies its quality, since they have contributed to the feeding of animals for more than 35 years. Ribero has a great catalog of products, some of which you can find in complements for birds are: Festuca Hay Ribero with Calendula 500gr

Ribero Hay with Dandelion 100gr

Ribero Hay with flowers 500 gr

Ribero Hay of Festuca 1 kg. Rabbits and rodents

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