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Seeds and feed for your pets: The specialty of Versee Laga

The brand "Versee Laga" is a brand of seeds and feeds that has been manufacturing high quality pet products for more than four decades. Healthy and nutritious foods capable of satisfying all the needs of rodents, birds, dogs and cats to keep them healthy. An innovative company, in full growth, with a strong presence on the international stage, which produces and commercializes quality food for domestic animals, taking into account the specific needs of each animal and respecting the Nature.

If you are interested in this brand, it means that you give so much importance and love both animals and us. Whether they are small animals, of company, of breeding or of competition, the animals occupy a special place in our lives and to be happy, it is paramount to take care of their necessities, especially those related to the food. Because every animal deserves a balanced diet and that fits its needs. In this sense, the brand "Versee Laga" is essential for your pet to be happy in your home.

Versee Laga makes all kinds of food and snacks for animals, putting in it all its effort to always offer the best products of maximum quality. This way, you will always be assured that you'll be providing the best possible food to your pet.

  • He has many years of experience in the manufacture of food and snacks for pets, taking care of the scientific composition of each product.
  • The composition of the products of Versee Laga is based on the usual feeding of animals when they live within their natural habitat.
  • The veterinarians and nutritionists who work in the manufacture of the feed and seeds of versee Laga, besides being professionals with a lot of experience in the sector, feel a great love for the animals.
  • Versee Laga has its own Pet research Center, which is constantly researching and collaborating with important national and international breeders and universities to expand its product offerings more and more, with the aim of adapting it to the Specific food needs of all types of pets.
  • Versee Laga only sells its products through specialized shops and nurseries that can offer its clients adequate advice on each type of product. Available in more than 75 different countries worldwide.

Wide variety of products in our online shop

Bird complements is one of those trusted distributors of Versee Laga. We have a wide variety of brand products. Food is the main base of our catalogue so the products of such a prestigious brand could not be missed. You will find all kinds of feeds, porridges and seeds of Versee Laga with which to provide a healthy and complete nutrition to your pet. We have different mixtures of cereals and seeds for birds and other animals, such as ferrets, mice, turtles and rabbits. But we also have many animal feed products for cats and dogs.

In addition, we not only offer food products, but also supplements for animal health, such as vitamin complexes, recuperating capsules, beer yeast, probiotics and calcium that bring energy to the animal.

It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have. Enter the catalogue of our online shop and you will find countless products at very competitive prices. Elaborated by the brand "Versee Laga", which has more than 40 years elaborating feedingstuffs, seeds and complements for domestic animals. His extensive experience, his magnificent team of professionals and his constant researches make his products improve in quality every day. Therefore, there is no reason not to rely on the quality of seeing you Laga. You can stay completely calm that, thanks to their products, your pet will always be in the best hands and grow strong, healthy and happy.

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