Qué es la telemetría para aves

What is telemetry?: Everything you need to know

Bird telemetry is mainly used in falconry but can also be used for pigeons and any other bird flying in semi-freedom. In falconry its use has become very popular not only for measuring parameters but also because modern devices include information for the location of the animal.

What is telemetry and which systems are the most interesting

What is telemetry in falconry and breeding or bird tenure and what it is for

Telemetry is the measurement of distances by means of a device called a rangefinder. This information can be received remotely through an appropriate device to do so. The bird rangefinder measures the distance the animal is at and the path of the animal. Its usual use in falconry and bird breeding is to locate the animal remotely. That is, to keep the bird in control knowing at all times even if you lose sight of it. What is the main reason for using telemetry with birds?  Allow the animal to be found if it has been damaged or is disoriented. Although that's not its only functionality. It is also used to know the preferred hunting area of falconry birds and to assess the distances that each specimen travels. In addition, you should keep in mind that in some Autonomous Communities it is mandatory by law that the birds used in falconry have some type of GPS or telemetry system.

How bird tracking devices work

Knowing what is telemetry in the breeding and possession of birds you should keep in mind that its fundamental use is the location of the animal remotely. To do this, the user has a device or receiver and the bird of another transmitting device. The latter emits the necessary signals to the first so that the bird can be easily and precisely located and found.

Telemetry devices most commonly used in bird breeding and possession

Knowing what telemetry is, what it is useful for and the obligation of its use in certain autonomous communities is interesting to know some of the devices available on the market. – Basic falconry briefcases. These have the technology and elements necessary to find the animal easily. According to brands and models the operation differs but its functionality is the same. They are very complete and modern devices, ideal if you start in falconry and want to have everything under control as well as for expert falcons. – Pushforets for colombiculture. They are powerful lightweight transmitters that let you know where the bird is from a remote device. The most modern ones have a greater range. And a long autonomy that allows to know where the pigeon is for months and even for years, in the most efficient. – Mini GPS. The most complete and modern GPS for birds are telemetry and remote location devices of the animal. The high-end ones are very light, do not disturb the bird and allow not only its location but receive through telemetry real and live information about the flight. In addition, some allow easy storage of this data. – Receivers and transmitters. These can be purchased separately or together. They can be used in falconry, columbian culture or for other types of birds, even for domestic parrots. Its use is basic and simple and its functionalities and features depend on each specific make and model. The most economical ones are suitable for companion birds such as yakos, parrots, agapornis or macaws that spend time at home outside the cage. Why? Because these by carelessness or accident can go outside and become disoriented.   Are you a professional or fond of falconry, columbian culture or have companion birds? Now that you know what telemetry is and how important it is for bird owners, you can assess how it will help you in your hobby or for the care of your birds. Explore the complementosparaaves.com's catalog of bird telemetry devices and find the right one for your animals!

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