Natural Food for dogs and cats, True Instinct

True Instinct is a natural nutrition brand that belongs to Nature's Variety, an independent company of Petfood Natural, based in St. Louis (USA). In the state of Missouri. In Nature's Variety they understand and share the love of dogs and cats, so they work with the goal of helping people to improve the lives of their pets.

Nutrition Philosophy

In Nature's Variety they believe that a natural, holistic and balanced diet is key to the optimal physical and mental development of dogs and cats. With this philosophy, they apply an advanced nutritional research based on evaluating, innovating and improving their products and thus offering the best nutrition, based on natural and healthy ingredients that respond to the needs and preferences of dogs and cats, such and As nature has. D_somos_alimentacioninst_topimage

Respect the instinct of dogs and cats

Instinct is a form of intelligence. A model of primary behavior, intuitive and authentic that makes dogs and cats extraordinary beings. When you trust your instincts, your natural intelligence is enhanced, helping them to develop fully and build strong links with those around them. True INSTINCT therefore proposes a balanced diet that is biologically adapted to canine and feline nature. A natural and healthy diet based on those ingredients that could find in nature and allow them to lead the full and vibrant life they deserve.

A nutrition with visible results

  • Optimal physical condition. Balanced level of high-quality protein and calories that come from fresh chicken to help maintain skeletal muscle and activity level.
  • Digestive wellbeing. With whole grains (brown rice, barley and oats) and fiber with prebiotic effect.
  • Healthier and brighter skin and hair. Essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 and zinc to improve the quality and health of the hair and skin.
  • Mobility in the joints. Antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain the health and function of the joints.
  • Healthy immune system. High level of antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium), zinc and proteins that contribute to a healthy immune function.

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