Welcome, 2017

There are only a few hours left to dismiss the 2016. It is time to review the 365 days that have passed and think if we have fulfilled our list of purposes. We've got more than we thought! During this year we have lelvado great challenges and we have proposed new ones. The team has grown up with two new departments, sales and communication; We have become full in the digital world, our website keeps growing, this blog, social networks and our APP make work and contact with you is much easier. We have been fortunate to be able to participate in large fairs and ornithological competitions of which we only have openings of gratitude for the respective organizations. But above all, we have fulfilled a purpose that we mark each year and is to offer the best service possible. We are not perfect, but we take the time and enthusiasm to do our work as best we can. But above all, for you to follow day after day trusting us, making this company what it is. In our list of purposes for the 2017 there are new projects, great goals and ideas but there will always be one that occupies the first place: the desire to work to offer the best for your pets.

Happy entry for the 2017

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