qué pienso es mejor, Acana u Orijen

What do I think is better, Acana or Orijen?: All the keys

I'm sure we won't discover anything new if we claim that the diet of our pets is key to their health and well-being. If you are looking for the best food for your dog you probably already know the Acana feed and the Orijen feed, two of the best brands of dog food on the market. But you may have a frequent doubt often raised by responsible dog owners; what I think is better, Acana or Orijen. Let's compare their main differences to clarify this issue.

What do I think is better, Acana or Orijen?: All the keys

The importance of the high-end dog feed variety

A brand's feed diversity doesn't just mean showing a larger catalog of options. Each of these options makes it easier to find the right feed for your dog. The more diverse those options are, the easier it is to find the appropriate food for the age, breed, circumstances, and needs of the animal. In this sense if you wonder what I think is better, Acana or Orijen, the reality is that Acana has a more varied range of feed. This does not mean that Orijen does not have the right feed for your pet. But it will be easier for you to find the feed for your ideal Acana dog. And that in the definition of the consumer to which each proposal is addressed Acana has more options for an almost personalized diet. You know your dog better than anyone. By taking a look at the Acana feed catalogue and Orijen feed in our online store you can identify the right feed for him.

Amount of meat in the feed

In this sense it is the Orijen feed that is clear winner. The difference between Acana feed and Orijen feed in this regard is important. In the case of Acana feed for dogs the percentage of meat contained in this is between 40 and 65%, depending on the specific product. And of it only a maximum of 30% corresponds to fresh meat. On the other, Orijen dog feed is richer in meat. It contains between 75% and 80% meat, of which 50% is fresh meat. That said, there's not just muscle inside it. And this is something to keep in mind when comparing Acana and Orijen feed. There are also internal organs, marrow or cartilage. The reason is that it is that its diet is as similar as possible to that of the ancestors of the current dog in nature. That is, what it would be like to feed on a living prey.

Better value for money, a technical tie

If you think what I think is better, Acana or Orijen, in terms of value for money the answer is that they are similar. Acana dog feed has a lower price than Orijen feed. But Orijen, as we have already pointed out, has more meat. This means that to decide what ithink is best for your dog you have to also assess your budget for the care of your dog. The choice depends on whether you have no limit in this regard or if you want to provide your dog with the best possible food within a budget limit.

Consumer acceptance

At this point there is an important key to the election. And this is, what do I think is best admitted by your dog? This is something you can only know by providing both and seeing their reaction, if you like it and how you feel feeding with each feed. Since dogs do not think about talking it is common to underestimate this point. But the reality is that it's interesting to keep that in mind. The observation will tell you which is your favorite and the one that suits you best.   When you have a question about what I think is better, Acana or Orijen, you see that there is no single answer. Each of them stands out in some aspects in front of the other. So it's up to you to decide which ones are most important to you. Or let your dog's reaction in front of both end up tipping the scales on one side. You can buy Acana feed or Orijen feed for complementosparaaves.com dogs and check which is the most suitable for your pet.

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