Win a lot of Palmar products

This week we want to make you a present. Until November 25th you will be able to participate in our November draw. Want to know more? At Palmar Logística we want to thank the trust of all our buyers and breeders so we raffle a lot of products valued at more than €45. Do you want to participate? Just give it to ME like in our Facebook publication to access the sweepstakes. Good luck to all! The lot includes the following products:

Kaytee multifruits Carolinas and parrots 397Gr


Kaytee Exact Rainbow is a nutritious bird feed developed by the Kaytee Avian Research Center's nutrition experts to provide all the nutrients needed for Carolinas and parakeets

Kaytee multifruit macaws 1,130 gr

Kaytee Exact Rainbow Chunky for parrots is a nutritious food that brings all the necessary nutrients for macaws, cockatoos, and cualuier species of parrot that enjoy to take the croquette with the paw.

NutriBird Uni Komplet 1 Kg

Uni Komplet is a complete and balanced breeding and maintenance feed for small frugivorous and insectivorous birds. They are granulated with a scientifically proven composition based on selected cereals and lots of fresh fruit

Siphon ENERGY 300cc


Drinker with hypoallergenic free tube that avoids 300CC stagnations

Siphon Genie 100 cc


Drinking fountain with hypoallergenic tube that avoids water or food stagnation.

Siphon BINGO 50 cc drinker with free tube hypoallergenic that avoids water or food stagnation.

Siphon PLUS 150 cc

Siphon-plus-CC-150-without-ball Drinking fountain with hypoallergenic tube that avoids water or food stagnation. Without ball

Fondello Nest in Polymat


 Nesting base made of polyester. Ideal for Nido N005


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